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We are proud to announce, not only that we are among the most desirable employers, but we are also among the 10 TOP employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

For the nine years in a row, Orbico B&H is recognized as one of the most desirable employer;
For the third year in a row Orbico B&H was voted the most desirable employer in sector of distribution;
This year we are on the list of TOP 10 employers in B&H!

Out of a total of 18.490 single votes collected during a three-month public survey of BH...


As a part of the project "Best Business Idea 2016", thanksgivings and symbolic gifts were given to all Orbico B&H employees who participated in the project with their creativity and  passionate work.

For many years, at the Orbico Group level, the Best Business Idea program has been implemented, with purpose of sharing and presenting the best practices from the various markets in which Orbico operates.

The key criteria to choose the winner is the Innovation/Power of idea!

Shell Technology Forum 2017

At the beginning of April, the Shell Technology Day was held in Zagreb, which is organized by Orbico in cooperation with Shell. The main objective of the forum was to highlight revolution in motor oil designed from natural gas and unique GTL technology. Investments in research and development, current achievements and future goals were presented by experts from Shell company.

Shell Lubricants – Together anything is possible!

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