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Orbico d.o.o. BiH novi partner Schneekoppe-a

Schneekoppe and ORBICO started cooperation at May, 13th 2013.

Schneekoppe is the highest peak of the "Giant Mountains" ( 1,602 m) and the most famous brand when it comes to healthy food products. The brand encompasses over 120 products in the field of healthy nutrition. From natural classics such as linseed oil, linseed and muesli bars to ranges for gluten and lactose-free diets.

Today SCHNEEKOPPE represents 85 years of healthy nutrition, a broad range and high-quality recipes.

We are pleased to announce that on May 13th 2013 SCHNEEKOPPE GmbH & Co. KG., has become our new partner in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Orbico and Schneekoppe started cooperation at May, 13th 2013.

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