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Orbico in Bosnia and Herzegovina is proud member of great family of Orbico Group, the largest European distributor and partner to the biggest global as well as to the local companies in the countries in which Orbico operates. We create and implement complete and leading solutions in the industry, through which we meet given promises.

Orbico has been present in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1997, continuously increasing portfolio and offering in the same time great service to all principals and clients.

Our team is ideal combination of experienced professionals and young experts who have common characteristic – strong winning mentality and personal integrity.

We have clear business vision, as well as plans, knowledge and capacity for making the vison happen.

Admir Duraković

About us

Orbico Group is the leading distributor for a large number of quality globally known brands ranging from beauty care products through food and non food products, technical and electrical...

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Orbico offers complete and comprehensive business solutions for sales and distribution, logistics services, marketing and brand management services for a large number of different...

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Orbico is having a long term business relationship with many multinational organizations enabling the brands in their portfolio close to the customers and consumers in the local markets. 


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