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BAT & Orbico

We are continuously working on improving business and cooperation with business partners. At the beginning of this month, this work led us to successfully take over the distribution of British American Tobacco Group (BAT) products in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

BAT, a global leader in the production and sale of tobacco and nicotine products, has a broad portfolio of popular and high-quality brands of these products. Through the development of our partnership, we have become a key distributor of BAT brands in our market. This partnership represents an extremely important step for both companies and brings numerous new opportunities. 

We have been known for years as a reliable and successful distributor of various types of products in the region and Europe. Our expertise in logistics and distribution has enabled us to cooperate with many world-famous brands. The new cooperation with BAT confirms our reputation as a reliable partner. Also, with this cooperation, we strengthened our team of employees, and the company now has over 460 employees in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We are extremely proud to have become a BAT partner and look forward to our future successes together. 

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