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1st Prize for The most desirable employer in 2016 in the sector of distribution - 3 years in a row

Orbico BiH is a company that has been continuously, for 8 years, among the most recognized companies in our country, and it is our pleasure and honor for the THIRD YEAR in a row to win the 1st place "Most desirable employer in BiH in the DISTRIBUTION SECTOR"!

Visitors to the portal who participated in the survey, recognized Orbico by:

1. A good treatment of employees and a positive working environment;

2. Possibility of job retention and opportunities for professional development and advancement;

3. The salary - material reasons;

This year 19 100 people participated in the survey of "The Most Desirable Employer in BiH", and in the course of three months (Feb-Apr 2016) according to the perception of the participants, 740 companies were nominated. The highest number of participants are highly educated and are currently employed, while the average age of the respondents is 26-30 years.

Photos from the award ceremony for the most desirable employer in the distribution sector for 2016 years can be viewed the following link.

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