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ORBICO d.o.o – new distributer of the Cunga Lunga brand in B&H

We are pleased to announce that the company Makpromet AD from the Republic of Macedonia, in whose portfolio is well known brand CUNGA LUNGA, became a new partner of the Orbico B&H.

Orbico B&H has started with distribution of the CUNGA LUNGA on September 1, 2015. Older generations remember CUNGA LUNGA and new one enjoy in it. The Makpromet AD combines modern technology and good traditional taste for decades and thanks to it the company brings smiles on children’s faces. Their main goal is to recognize the needs of youngest and make their wishes come true. That is why all CUNGA LUNGA products are made from natural raw materials (color, flavor). Also, they are gluten-free to the delight and satisfaction of parents.

Thanks to the great experience and knowledge in the area of distribution that the company Orbico owns, there is no doubt that the CUNGA LUNGA products will find a way to become a part of growing up and childhood of new generations in B&H.

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