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ORBICO Bosnia and Herzegovina continues with spreading distribution for high selective cosmetics

At the begining of 2016, ORBICO  started with distribution of parfume brand Jean Paul Gaultier for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Soon it will start with distribution of Michael Kors and Tom Ford parfumes. This is the first time that those brands have official distributor for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to Orbico, those premium brands will be at...

ORBICO Bosnia and Herzegovina started with distribution of the leading glue Bison for DIY channel

With the beggining of 2016, Orbico Bosnia and Herzegovina started distribution of another brand from the Bolton Group. It is Bison, the leading brand in category of glues and sealing in DIY stores in Holland and Belgium, as well as in the most of the European and Near East markets.

Mission of Bison is to offer the best...

ORBICO d.o.o – new distributer of the Cunga Lunga brand in B&H

We are pleased to announce that the company Makpromet AD from the Republic of Macedonia, in whose portfolio is well known brand CUNGA LUNGA, became a new partner of the Orbico B&H.

Orbico B&H has started with distribution of the CUNGA LUNGA on September 1, 2015. Older generations remember CUNGA LUNGA and new one enjoy...

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